A child martyr – monstrous murder and suffering of 11 years old boy Slobodan Stojanović

Slobodan was only eleven when his parents’ whisper woke him up one night in June 1992. It was a sign that they have to leave their home in order to save their lives. 

It was their escape from death. And the death was certain for Serbs in the village of Donja Kamenica, in the Bratunac-Zvornik area. The rampant and bloodthirsty Jihadists under the command of Naser Oric were ready to do their usual ‘work’ which resulted in torture and murder of other villagers of Serbian faith and nationality … They sneak out on the top of their toes, fearing that they could step on some branch and other things give sharp sound.12 spomenik.jpg

They were afraid of their own cough … There was only a dog barking, the village was sound asleep, as well as the evil in it. While on the road between life and death, minutes turn into hours, and every meter lasts like kilometre; the heart beats into the throat and mouth into the stomach … After they arrived into the safe area, they were welcomed with open arms, tears of joy, warm milk …
And then, Slobodan ’s cry broke out: They forgot his little dog which remained abandoned, tied up in the backyard of their home.
The boy begged his parents to let him return for the dog. Of course, it is was out of the question to let him go back, The evil which they escaped new no mercy even for children.
Even though that was their first night in a safe place, they have not slept since they were listening to his cry and groans. The boy could not forgive himself that he left the one who would never betray him.
The next day, before breakfast, the boy suddenly ran away. His father and mother ran after him but they did not manage to catch up and stop him …
He ran straight into the hands of Bosnian Muslim jihadists at Donja Kamenica, who killed and destroyed everything that was of Serbian blood and origin.
An Albanian woman living in Bosnia, Elfete Veseli lived in the same village. She knew Slobodan and his family.
Elfete was 32 and had a morbid need for murdering and ritual torture of 11-year-old neighbour,  “shkie” ( swine in Albanian; commonly used to name the Serbs).
In order to impress local Mujahedins, that woman bestially tortured Slobodan before their very eyes and for their pleasure.
The jihadist monster stripped the boy’s clothes and shoes and took the knife.
One year later, when his small corpse was discovered, the scene was terrible … His belly was slit in the shape of a square, so the internal organs were exposed … Lacerations to head … broken legs … At the end of the bestial bloody orgy, that Albanian woman-monster and her Bosnian companions shoot from close range right in the temple: the bullet passed left frontal bone. The boy was dead. The 11 years old boy was tortured, butchered, mutilated, and has died in the most horrible and unimaginably painful way.DSC00012.JPG

Last  March the bloody monster Veseli was handed over to Federal Bosnian Tribunal.  Will she acquitted, like other Bosnian Muslim, Albanian, or Croatian criminals, we expect to see.

His name was Slobodan Stojanovic and he was eleven –  His love and devotion for his dog were stronger than fear for his own life … Just like his remorse as in caring for his life, and his and her parents, forgotten faithful house … Brutally tortured and killed just because he was a “shkie”. And for their Muslim neighbours that was a good reason.
Serbian nationality and Orthodox Christian confession were enough.
The Bosnian Muslim/Albanian monster woman was arrested. Her accomplices, monsters who took part in torturing and murder of the child are free.
Probably doing the same to some other children in Syria, Iraq, Libya…

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Photo: Večernje Novosti

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